The Importance of Cat Enrichment at Cozy Cats Cattery

January 1, 2023

Making a cat feel comfortable at the cattery is always top priority - they are the customer after all!

Cat enrichment is a proven way to reduce a number of anxieties and undesirable behaviours. By placing the correct equipment in our cattery units, such as toys, hiding spaces, scratching posts and mats, we know that we are giving each cat that stays in our cattery the best possible environment to reduce anxiety, encourage appropriate play and enjoy their catcation.



The fine line between undesirable behaviour and appropriate play.

The natural behaviours of our feline friends can be a cause for concern when they’re scratching up your sofa, chewing through your spider plant leaves and batting the expensive jewellery you left on your dressing table around the house in a cat classic ‘cat and mouse’ crazy half hour at 10pm!

However, in appropriate play, all these behaviours are also the ones you want to encourage, to prevent your kitty suffering from things like separation anxiety, boredom and loneliness - all feelings that a cat can very easily feel when entering a cattery, as they’re away from their home and their family!

By providing an environment that is focussed on cat enrichment, providing toys, hiding spaces and scratching posts, we are encouraging your cat’s natural behaviours, but in an appropriate play way whilst they are away from home, to reduce their anxieties and create an as stress free and positive stay as possible.



What’s the most important factor for cat enrichment you ask? Time.

Time is the most important cat enrichment we can give to our feline visitors here at Cozy Cats Cattery. We understand that every cat that visits us is different. What encourages one cat to feel at ease doesn’t always work for another. So we take the time to ask you, their humans, what it is they like at home, what they don’t like - the stressors that flips your cat into destructive tiger mode! We can then create that safe environment, take the time to help your cat settle in, whether that’s through a little chatter, a few fetch games or a nice groom to produce those purrs. We’re here to make their stay as fun and as positive as possible, so we make sure we give them all the time they need.

If you would like to learn more about us here at Cozy Cats Cattery, or book your cat a stay, please get in touch, or why not follow us on Facebook to see our latest updates and, of course, all our amazing catcationers!

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